Crocker Lab University of Pennsylvania
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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Principal Investigator
John John Crocker
Office: Towne 349
Phone: (215)-898-9188
Fax: (215)-573-2093

Group Members

Mehdi image
Mehdi Molaei,
Postdoctoral Research Associate

Chris image
Chris Porter,
PhD Student, CBE

Yifan Wang,
PhD Student, CBE

Jennifer Hwang,
PhD student (joint with Riggleman)

Group Alumni

Ehsan Image 
Ehsan Atefi,
Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2015-2016
Currently: Assitant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Manhattan College

tae soup image
Tae Soup Shim,
Postdoctoral Research Associate (joint with So-Jung Park and Daeyeon Lee), 2014-2015
Currently: Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Ajou University

Steven Henry,
PhD 2015, BE (joint with Hammer)
Currently: Gilead Sciences

James McGinley, PhD 2015, CBE
Currently: Illumina

Ramnath Easwar,
Masters Student, CBE
Thesis: Developing a novel Scalable method for the production of Janus Particles

Zaki Estephan,
Postdoctoral Research Associate (joint with So-Jung Park), 2012-2013
Currently: Intel, Hillsboro, OR

Sashikumar Ramamirtham,
Masters Student, CBE
Thesis: Experimental Examination of the Electrostatic Phase Separation of Diblock Copolymer Blends on Liquid-Liquid Surfaces

Yue Xu, Masters Student, CBE
Currently: PhD student at Villanova University

Valeria Garbin,
Postdoctoral Research Associate (joint with Stebe), 2010-2012
Currently: Lecturer, Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

W. Ben Rogers, PhD 2011
Probing DNA-induced Colloidal Interactions and Dynamics with Scanning-line Optical Tweezers
Currently: Assistant Professor, Physics, Brandeis University

Shang-You Tee,
Postdoctoral Research Associate (joint with Janmey), 2007-2011
Currently: Assistant Professor, Physics and Applied Physics, Nanyang Technological University

Marie (Ung) Casey, PhD 2010
Diffusionless Transformations in DNA-mediated alloys of nano-colloids

Klebert Feitosa , Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2008-2010
Currently: Assistant Professor, Physics, James Madison University

Robert Meyer
, PhD 2010
The Physics of Membrane Emulsification and Applications for Controlled Drug Delivery
Currently: Merck and Co, West Point, PA

Abhiruchi Gadgil, Masters 2007
Thesis: Synthesis of Novel PEGylated PMMA Particles

Jessica Treidl, MSE 2007

Kathleen Van Citters, PhD 2007
The Effects of Cytoskeleton Polymer Disruption on the Rheological Properties of Cultured Mammalian Cells in the Cortical and Perinuclear Regions.
Currently: Merck and Co, West Point, PA

Brenton Hoffman, PhD 2007
Measuring, Modeling, and Dissecting the Cellular Mechanical Response
Currently: Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering Eng, Duke University

Anthony Kim, PhD 2006
Engineering Novel Mesoscopic Structures Using DNA-Programmed Colloidal Self-Assembly
Currently: Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Maryland, Baltimore

Paul Biancaniello, PhD in Physics, 2006
Measuring Nanoscale Interactions and Dynamics of DNA-grafted Colloids with Line Optical Tweezers
Currently: Founder and CTO, Sense Health - Wellpass

vinny image
Vinothan Manoharan , Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2004-2005
Currently:  Wagner Family Professor of Chemical Engineering and Professor of Physics, Harvard University

Gladys Massiera, Postdoctoral Research Associate, 2002-2004
Currently: Maître de Conférences, Matière Molle, Université of Montpellier, France


Ariell Joiner, Rutgers University, NJ, REU 2009

Osmarie Martinez Guzman, Universidad De Puerto Rico, REU 2008

Mark Trosper McClendon, Oklahoma University, REU 2007